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The Drivel List is an email distribution list originally founded by Dave Baskerville in 1998. The exact reason for its origin is disputed. Some believe that arguments on Ringing Chat led one of its most popular contributors to leave, and although the disagreement between IWD and the list moderator, John Camp, was eventually settled, it was too late - the Drivel List had been spawned. Others believe the list was set up as a means of diverting the more pointless and offensive emails away from Ringing Chat.

Since its creation, the list has spawned several movements. The most popular is the Ancient Society of Efquire Drivelling Youths. The fundamental membership requirement of this elite ringing fociety (sic) has always been the same: that one must have posted a message to the Drivel List.

The list itself has become crowded at times, leading the main members to run away to even more secretive lists. There are lots of these, but they remain secret.

Importance of the list

The list was always advertised as an uncensored list, a list where people could take out the tensions of the work day by engaging in such mind-sports as the telling of dirty jokes, or heaping insults on each other. It attracted similar sorts of people, those who were uninterested in petty discussion, but were happier discussing deep and meaningful topics such as who was the biggest tenor-box-whore,and the meaning of life.

Its current list administrators are Simon Farrar and James Hustler.

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