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Ringing Chat is an email distribution list established in 1997 by John Camp. It still provides one the most popular email forums for bellringers to communicate.

Its home page can be found here.

The list is intended for use by those interested in ringing church bells in the traditional English manner and in the other activities in which ringers traditionally indulge. The intention is to provide a forum for the sort of subjects which might be raised in the pub after a practice. These could, of course, include ringing, but the list is not meant for those who want information about the basics of ringing or about such things as the times of practice-nights. It is meant to complement, not replace, the older change-ringers list, which is expressly restricted to matters to do with ringing.

A tolerant atmosphere prevails, though there is no bar on the correction of grammar and spelling. Anything which would not be acceptable in the pub is not acceptable on the list. Pseudonyms are not generally welcomed and attempts to subscribe pseudonymously will be met by a polite enquiry as to identity. There are a few pseudonymous subscribers, whose identity can be found here. Only subscribers may post to the list.

Its current moderator and list administrator is John Camp.

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