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There are many useful web pages on using and editing a Mediawiki wiki. Below are view basic editing tips. A more detailed help library can be found on Wikimedia or Wikipedia.

Creating a Page

There easiest way to create a new page is to type the name of your new page in the search box and click Go. If the page does not exist then there will be a link directing you to the page ready for editing.

Wiki Formatting

Some of the common formatting can be applied using the buttons at the top of editing page. For Example, Bold, Italic, Wiki Link, External Link, Level 2 Headline, Image. For more information about formatting text see Wiki Markup. Often, the easiest way to learn how to format something is to find another wiki page that has the formatting you want, either on this or another wiki, and look at the source for the page.

Internal wiki links:

Example Source Notes
Stage [[Stage]] Simple page link
Stages [[Stage]]s Simple page link, but the plural is needed for context
Minor [[Stage|Minor]] Page link with alternative text displayed (the description of Minor is found on the Stage page)

External links:

Example Source Notes
[1] [] External link without description will be automatically shown as [#]. Make sure you include 'http://'.
Ringing Resources [ Ringing Resources]


Example Source
Bold text '''Bold text'''
Italic text ''Italic text''
Mixed text '''''Mixed text'''''


To use headings enclose the heading text in '='. Use one '=' for a level one heading, double "=" for a level two heading, triple "=" for a level three heading etc. If four or more headings are used on a page a Contents box will automatically be generated before the first heading on the page. It can be suppressed by putting __NOTOC__ at the top of the page.

==Level 2 Heading==


Bulleted lists look like this:

  • Minor
    • Plain Bob
    • Cambridge
  • Triples
    • Grandsire
    • Stedman

and are formatted like this:

 * Minor
 ** Plain Bob
 ** Cambridge
 * Triples
 ** Grandsire
 ** Stedman

Numbered lists look like this:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

and are formatted like this:

 # One
 # Two
 # Three

Other Formatting

Example Source
==No Format== <nowiki>/<nowiki>
Strike-through text <s>Strike-through text</s>
Superscript <sup>Superscript</sup>
Subscript text <sub>Subscript text</sub>
Small text <small>Small text</small>
<!-- Hidden Comment -->
Preserved text
<pre>Preserved text</pre>


image caption

You can add an image by putting the following in the edited text.

[[Image:Left_handbell.gif|left|thumb|100px|image caption]]

Save the page, then click the link to upload the image.

For more information, see Picture tutorial.

Sound clips


You can add a small (<2Mb) mp3 sound clip like the above by putting the following in the edited text, replacing "Rounds8.mp3" with your filename.

12345678 {{Audio|name=Rounds8.mp3}}

Save the page, then click Upload in the left hand panel to upload the mp3 file as you would an image file.

Redirect Pages

Pages can be redirected as follows. This means that more than one page title can point to the same source.

#redirect [[Help:Contents]]


Adding a category link to the page adds the page to that category list. Make sure that any templates you have used on the page do not already link to the same category.


If you want to just create an additional link to the category page, put a colon before the page name.


Table of Contents

The contents panel is actually a template, which is included in both the Main Page and Changeringing Wiki Table of Contents. These pages are protected for editing, but the template can be updated through the Template:Navigation page to include new items in the table of contents.