Wrestling and Ringing

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Wrestling and ringing (Roud 22825[1]) was collected by Sabine Baring-Gould from the singing of John Dingle[2] at Coryton 2 March 1894. Dingle described the song as having come from Broadwoodwidger but he only remembered one verse. Scraps of the same song were remembered by Sam Frome on 24 August 1894. Baring-Gould sent a copy of the song to Lucy Broadwood. Cecil Sharp noted the tune from John Dingle while he was staying with Baring-Gould at Lewtrenchard[3].

You ringing men I pray attend and p'raps you may remember
Oh! proud was he that chanced to be on the nineteenth of September
Oh! ringing for as famous prize which was a golden guinea
And more than that, a gold laced hat, of ringers there were many