The Twelve Days of Christmas

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This version of The Twelve Days of Christmas was started in the Facebook Bellringers Group as a version of consequences by Rod Ismay on 19th December 2016, and was quickly completed with contributions from Doug Davis, Niyah Willets, Penny Salisbury, Rose Humphrey, Emily Rose Wilkin, Embee Dee, Andrew White, and Chris de Cordova. The final verse is:

  On the twelfth day of Christmas, my tower gave to me: 

  Twelve College Youths, 
  Eleven attempts at Stedman,
  Ten broken stays,
  Nine half-lead singles,
  Eight fluffy sallys,
  Seven eager learners,
  Six Big Wilf's muffles,
  Four peal boards,
  Three pairs of hand bells,
  Two hardback Doves, and
  Some pigeon mesh for the belfry.