The Country Vicar

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The Country Vicar has not yet been traced to its origin but appears to be related to a song which may also be called The Country Vicar and appears in "The Stag Party" (undated, no publisher, c1888).

This version is a comic and bawdy tale.

There once was a country vicar who said to his curate John,
"I bet I've had more women than you" and the curate said "You're wrong! 
On Sunday when they come to church this will be our sign:
"You bing-bong for the women you've had, and I'll ring a ding-dong for mine.”

The vicar he had many bing-bongs and the curate had few ding-dongs,
Till the prettiest one of all came by and the curate he went ding-dong.
"No", said the vicar "You're wrong there. That's my wife, I do declare"
"Bugger that!" said the curate "I've been there for a ring-a-ding-a-ding-dong-ding.”