Ringing in Lent

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The following is what we are suggesting for Trinity Church, Wall St, in New York City. It is a summary of responses received in February 2007 from change-ringers and nag-talk. Thanks to all respondents!

Suggested ringing for Lent.

  1. Normal practices - except as they may interfere with special Lenten programs (frequently a Wednesday evening program, for example). However, No Peals and No Visits (cuts down a bit on the exuberance).
  2. Sundays continue as usual - "All Sundays are Feasts of Our Lord" (BCP) so we don't need to do anything particularly sombre or ferial- you can't fast on a feat day! (BTW this is a good opportunity to slip off the wagon that you may have hitched yourself to for the seasonal duration!) (Note that if Lent is to have 40 days, Sundays (or some other days of the week) must be excluded... -- MairAw?)
  3. Palm Sunday. Revised liturgical structure has this as a service that starts with great festivity (good opportunity for some really top notch ringing), and ends in dramatic despair. After service ringing could well be 33 half-muffled tolls on the tenor. (Yes - that leaves it in the wrong position, doesn't it!)
  4. Holy Week - evening practices probably conflict with special services. You might want to consider giving it a rest this week. The BCP does not appear to specify when bells may or may not be rung, however the Roman Missal (which Common Worship might be suspiciously similar to...) states that bells are not rung after the Gloria of the Thursday evening's celebration, and are then not rung until the Gloria of the first Mass of Easter. This applies to the sanctus bell at the altar as well as the bells in the tower.
  5. Good Friday. Traditions vary - some attempt a muffled peal/quarter, others don't ring at all. We toll the tenor half-muffled (That gets the bell back to the right position, as well).
  6. Holy Saturday/Easter Eve. Nothing beforehand (still in the grips of Good Friday). Nice if we could get some firing at the Gloria in the Vigil service. However, because of neighbours we probably won't ring after the service.
  7. Easter Morning: Laissez les belles cloches sonner as varied and festive as possible!