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Below are links to some of the larger national/international ringing groups on Facebook. There are also a significant number of local groups. For a longer list see 'Ringing' groups on Facebook or 'Bell' groups on Facebook.

  • Bellringers - Started on 4 December 2006; 5.8K members in Dec 2022. "For everyone who enjoys ringing bells. The group is intended for bell ringers to discuss all things bell ringing."
  • Bell Ringing - Started on 17 December 2006; 3K members in Dec 2022. "A gentle discussion group for ringers of all ages and abilities."
  • International Friends of Bells and Bellringing - Started on 24 July 2011; 1.3K members in Dec 2022. "The enjoyment of bells doesn´t know – or should not know – any borders! This group was specially created to look further than one´s own style of ringing, as there are many groups existing for the ringing styles of their own native culture yet. No matter where you are from, if you love bells, this is the place for you! We are an international group, having members not only from Europe, but from far further away, currently we have members on every continent – and we have people from very different ringing styles/cultures!"
  • Post Your Church Bell Pics - Started on 27 October 2015; 1.2K members in Dec 2022. "This page is for likeminded people who love clambering around bell installations taking photos. Please share them here for all bell enthusiasts to enjoy. It can be any bell installation...a ring of bells, chime, single bell...anything you may think others will find interesting."
  • Bellringing Memes - Started on 14 March 2012; 1.2K members in Dec 2022. "People should post Bellringing Memes here"
  • Thick Skinned Bell Ringers - Started on 4 April 2015; 1K members in Dec 2022. "This is a chat group similar to Bellringers, for bell ringers to discuss any topics ringing related. However, there is one major difference between this group and Bellringers; Anything Goes. There is little/no censorship, swearing is permitted, and the only rule with posting a comment is Don't give what you can't take."
  • Ringing Room Take-Hold Lounge - Started on 21 April 2020; 1K members in Dec 2022. "Want to ring on RingingRoom.com? Create a tower, find a tower, take hold of a rope!"
  • Ringing Methods - Started on 22 July 2015; 962 members in Dec 2022. "Got a question on methods, touches or compositions? You've come to the right place. The house rules are as follows: (1) All levels welcome - Plain Hunt to Pipe's Particles. (2) Do try to stay on topic - there are plenty of other ringing groups to discuss other matters. (3) Keep it pragmatic - the aim is to help understand, ring and compose Single Court - not whether it should be described as silent Original. (4) Note that this group is not intended to compete with the ringing-theory email list. This remains best placed to deal with any detailed/complex posts, which will be pointed there."
  • Bellringing learners - Started on 10 March 2015; 718 members in Dec 2022. "A group for those learning to ring to support each other and share tips and experiences."
  • Amateur Steeple Keeper - Started on 6 March 2021; 628 members in Dec 2022. "This group for anything to do with looking after the Church Tower and its contents, whether that be the bells, the stairs, the lighting, getting rid of creepy things, health and safety, doors ... well if you are already a willing volunteer then you will know what I mean! Ask questions, there will be some real experts and professionals lurking around who will be able to offer practical help. Anything relevant is allowed, so if you sell bell ropes, if you are a bell hanger, if you specialize in tower lighting, if you are a surveyor that works within Churches, then feel free to give some examples of your work, but remember to give back to the group as well as just advertising!"
  • Young Bell Ringers Facebook Group - Started on 25 April 2009. "This is a group for all young ringers (under 30!!!) It is a place for us all to set up outings, peals and quarter peals and for general chat. There are already people with a great range of abilities, so whether you are learning to handle a bell, ringing Call Changes, ringing Plain Bob or even Cambridge Max... then join the group!"
  • Ringing Teachers - Started on 20 February 2014; 509 members in Dec 2022. "A group for those who teach bellringing, to share ideas and best practice between ringing teachers; a place to ask for ideas and help each other."
  • Ringing simulator users and suppliers - Started on 7 September 2017; 396 members in Dec 2022. "This group is intended for simulator users to share their experiences, so that they can benefit from each other, and for suppliers of software, sensor systems etc. to obtain feedback on their products."
  • Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers ANZAB - Started on 24 January 2014; 365 members in Dec 2022. "General discussion group for members and friends of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers (ANZAB). ANZAB members ring church bells and handbells in the English change-ringing tradition throughout Australia and New Zealand."
  • Mini Bellringers Anonymous - Started on 27 January 2012; 260 members at Dec 2022. "An alternative Bellringing group considered to be less Formal than your average Bell ringing group. A place where anything goes... within reason. So if you want to discuss from learning how to ring, tower grabbing, Quarter Peals, Peals, methods, or anything associated with Mini Rings or Church Bell Ringing please feel."
  • Bell Ringing Centres - Started on on 17 August 2014; 257 members in Dec 2022. "This Group is designed to enable individuals involved or interested in the development of centres of ringing excellence to exchange views, raise issues and share experiences to help and assist others."
  • Handbell - Change Ringers - Started on 29 July 2016; 217 members in Dec 2002. "This group is for Handbell Change Ringers to exchange ideas and give mutual support."