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Ringing Forums (ringingforums.org) is owned and provided by the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers to help anyone with an interest in bells and bell ringing communicate with one another. It is an alternative to Facebook groups which has no commercial tracking or non-ringing related advertising, and has easier search access to previously answered questions often provided by subject matter experts from the Central Council. It was launched in October 2021.

It hosts public and private forums. The public forums can be read by anyone without the need to register, so the numbers of non-contributing users of the forums is hard to estimate. As of December 2022, there are 238 registered users.

Categories for discussion include:

  • Bell Installation & restoration projects
  • Call changes
  • Education and training
  • General discussions
  • Method ringing
    • Methods
    • Composition
    • Conducting
    • Handbell Ringing
  • Public relations
  • Recruitment & retention
  • Ringing simulators and Software
  • Running a tower
  • Tower maintenance