Pudsey Surprise Maximus

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Pudsey Surprise Maximus

Pudsey is not Yorkshire. Wherever you do places in Yorkshire, you run through in Pudsey. Where you run through in Yorkshire, you do places in Pudsey.

You can ring it by the same rule with course bells (if you meet your course bell, run through it). However, it's a little more difficult in the other half of the course, when you have to make places for your after bell. That's because, on the way down to the front, instead of hitting the treble to tell you to stop, you hit the bell in front of that - 3rd's place bell.

It's also helpful to remember Pudsey isn't Yorkshire above, but it is Cambridge below. That doesn't help as much as it might, because the order of the bells below is very different from Cambridge - everyone is mostly in course, for a start. The exception is the swapped coursing pair just beneath the treble (2nd's and 4th's place bells; and 5th's and 7th's on the way down). This little foible means you need to ring Pudsey on lots of bells - at least 12, really - before you get quite enough coursing music and roll-ups beneath the treble. On even higher numbers, it gets better and better, and more and more like Yorkshire. Or not-Yorkshire.