Phobos Surprise Maximus

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Phobos Surprise Maximus

If you look at the line, you'll see that it's easy when you're away from the front. 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th place bells all hunt three blows to a fish tail, hunt back to another fish tail, treble bob hunt for six dodges on the back six, fish tail, fish tail and hunt four blows to the lead end. It's worth noting the first and third fish tails and the second and fourth fish tails are in the same places.

The front bells need a bit of learning, but it helps to know that they've all got 18 blows of reverse hunting on the front six in the middle of the lead. 18 blows is takes you from the front to the back to the front and to the back again. This means if you start with point 1, you finish with point 6; if you start with point 2, you finish with point 4; and if you start with point 3, you finish with a point 5.

The odd internal place and dodge 3–4 in 6th and 3rd place bells fit together (they're a 34 place notation), and its helpful to remember that the place is next to the place, and the dodge is next to the point — so 6th place bell is lead (a place), fourths (a place), dodge 3–4, point 1, and thirds place bell is fish tail, fifths (a place), thirds (a place), dodge 3–4, point 6.