Avon Delight Maximus

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Avon Delight Maximus

Avon is mostly Bristol. In fact, it's only not Bristol for a very short while whilst the treble is in 5-6 and 7-8.

You can ring it by this rule:

  1. Ring Bristol: right-hunt 4 changes to a point, wrong-hunt 4 changes, then...
  2. do 4 Avon points...
  3. and wrong-hunt 4 changes to a Bristol point, right-hunt to the half-lead.


What are Avon points? They are points which are 2 changes apart, i.e. at the same stroke, bouncing you back and forward in the same part of the change. Except, sometimes you have to pass the treble in the middle of your Avon points. If you do, finish up the points (always 4) at the opposite stroke (e.g. now handstroke instead of backstroke).

Hmm. OK, you might have to do some fishtails if you are at lead or lie, to make it all fit in. Don't worry, it'll be obvious.