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To the "Conducting" section.
To the "Conducting" section.
<font color=red>''You can add entries to the Table of Contents by editing [[Template:Navigation]], but I have added this entry for you. Thanks for the contribution.''</font>
== Email check ==
Check that email works.

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Please add any comments here using the + button above:

General points on new wiki

1) On creating I received the following with reference to my email [email protected]

Could not send confirmation mail. Check address for invalid characters.

Mailer returned: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. Please use the date.timezone setting, the TZ environment variable or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected 'Europe/London' for '1.0/DST' instead Welcome, TonyL!

Thanks. I'll look into this. It may be a configuration file setting - It is, and one the hosting company doesn't allow me to change!

2) The old wiki had an Index page. Is it intended to use and add Categories to all pages or to attempt some other form of grouping?

I have added a table of contents at the bottom of the home page. It can be edited in the Template:Navigation

3) Is RSS support (readily) available?

If you click on recent changes, an RSS button appears in the toolbox. Click on this and you can subscribe


Tony Lees

Next Step

I think have succeeded in creating a page about University of London Society of Change Ringers but what is the next step to get this catagorised/recognised/linked to... ? Thanks

Thanks for the contribution. Here are a few pointers:-

1) You added the content in your User page which is intended for content about you. The easiest way to create a new page is to type its title in the search box. When the wiki doesn't find it, it gives you the option to create it. I have already moved this to University of London Society of Change Ringers for you.

2) You can add entries to the Table of Contents by editing Template:Navigation. I have added the ULSCR entry for you.

3) Because you have edited this from your Wikipedia entry, a number of the links are internal to Wikipedia, so don't work here. Review all the words on your page that are highlighted in Red. You can do one of the following: create an external (rather than internal) link to the Wikipedia entry, create an equivalent page in the Changeringing wiki if appropriate, or substitute the link for text.

4) The two Templates Reflist and Gutenburg are not set up in this wiki. You can either create them, or change the text to avoid referring to them. More help on topics like this can be found at Wikimedia. For a way of including references using ref tags, see how this is done by going into edit on the Old Societies page

5) The Wikipedia entry has a photo of Hart Street church. You can upload photos to this wiki and include them in you pages - see Help:Contents for more details.

Altering a Page Name

I've just set up a page named "Bells & Fittings: Wheels" which I should have called just "Wheels". How do I correct this? The normal Edit facility only allows me to change the content, not the page name. Regards, John Norris

You can rename a page using the move tab at the top of the page.

Image maintenance

File:Bastow42.png is un-used and can be deleted.

Thank you

Deleted 12/05/13.

New page for Main_Page "Conducting" section.

Cannot edit Main_Page, would like to add:



To the "Conducting" section.