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  • ...the Standard 8 (STD8), Norman Smith's 23 (NS23), the Nottingham 8 (NOT8), MBD's Renaissance 10 (R10) or Project Pickled Egg (PPE) series of methods inclu
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  • ...ABS’ turning course software and related new tools over the decade such as MBD and David Hull’s online “prickers” have helped to master. MBD uses what he calls his “Generation Three little-bell block (Q)”. This b
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  • ...hout the qualification of the word "probably"), and so am happy to oblige. MBD writes, "David Hull was (I believe) the first to compose little-bell peals 5075 Grandsire Caters, comp MBD
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  • ...ain method Double Resurrection uses glide symmetry to great effect, whilst MBD’s Spinning Jennie cleverly is conventionally double (building on a Philip MBD also claims a re-arrangement, changing two pairs of bobs for singles, but w
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