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(From ringing-chat 16/12/2011)
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I can't seem to find a rhyme  ;-)
I can't seem to find a rhyme  ;-)
Clare Bellis
[[Category: Ringing Poems]]
[[Category: Ringing Poems]]

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A thread on ringing-chat in December 2011 discussed the topic of the number of ringers in the UK and a question of what constituted an active ringer.

AJB wrote "I would need some persuading to consider someone who has not rung a peal or quarter in 12 months to be an active ringer. It is a bit like someone claiming to be a footballer but not playing in a match". After others had pointed out that there were a significant number of regular ringers who wouldn't meet this criterion, he penned the following:-

I call myself a jockey but I rarely ride a horse.
I call myself a golfer but I'm seldom on the course.
I call myself a ringer, as I once rang a bell,
But, apart from three old blisters,
You couldn't really tell.


To which he received the following riposte:-

I ring on every Sunday, no matter what it takes
I may not be an expert but I like the sound it makes.
On Monday night, and Fridays, you'll find me in a tower
Most Saturdays as well, and Abel by the hour.
I've not scored many quarters, I rarely get the chance
There's better ringers queuing up who catch the captain's glance.
Now AJ doesn't know me, but he tells me I'm not much -
It doesn't count as ringing if you only ring a touch.
But luckily there's gentler folk who let me have a bell,
So AJB I reckon you can kindly go to ...

I can't seem to find a rhyme ;-)