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The Changeringing Wiki

Welcome to the Changeringing Wiki, an online community encyclopedia for bellringers. This Wiki has been created to build up an online repository of articles, a definition of technical terms, ringing hints and tips, and answers to frequently asked questions raised on the changeringing email lists. Use the links in the navigation bar on the left to browse the site. You can choose a Random page to look at, select articles from an alphabetical list (All pages), or use the search box.

Helping Develop the Wiki

Anyone can help create and edit pages for the Wiki. Please contribute articles you have written, information collated from public sources, or write something brand new. Also, if you see any errors, or want to add to or improve any pages, please edit them so that the quality and depth of content improves over time.

If you need help please see the Wiki Help page for more infomation about editing pages. If you need ideas, go to Wanted Pages and if you would like something written, create a new page with no content.

Getting Started

  • First register to become an editor by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  • Then look at 'Wiki Help' in the navigation bar so you know what to do and how to edit.
  • Create or Edit any page of your choice!