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Here is a list of Jump Methods/Principles that have been rung Doubles Jump Stedman: 3.1.5.(31).(31).(31).(31).(31).

Minor Cambridge Treble Jump: x36x1(243)x12x(354)6x14x56 le12 London Treble Jump: 36x36.1(243)x12x(354)6.14x14.36 le 12 Mersey Ferry Treble Jump: (13)4.(35)x(64)3.(42)x

It is possible to turn most, if not all surprise minor methods into an equivilant, treble jump method, bellow are the notations for a few that have yet to be rung.

Primrose Treble Jump: x36x1(243)x12x(354)6x14x56 le16 Norfolk Treble Jump: x36x1(243)x12x(354)6x14x16 le16 Ipswich Treble Jump: x36x1(243)x12x(354)6x14x16 le12 York Treble Jump: x36x1(243)x12x(354)6.14x14.36 le12 Lightfoot Treble Jump: x34x1(243)x12x(354)6.14x14.36 le12 Rossendale Treble Jump: x34x1(243)x12x(354)6.14x14.36 le16 Norwich Treble Jump: x34x1(243)x12x(354)6x34x16 le16