Famous bellringers

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The following are people that members of the general public might have heard of who are known to have rung:

Kate Barker, economist [1]

John Betjeman, poet (email from Bryan McCahey)

Jo Brand, comedian [2]

John Bunyan, author of "Pilgrim's Progress" [3]

Ian Hay Davison, former chief Executive of Lloyds of London [4]

John Harrison, clockmaker, "Longitude". [5]

Derek Hatton, politician (email from Geoff Sparling)

Philip Hollobone, MP [6]

Robin McKinley, author [7]

Timmy Mallett, television performer [8]

Norma Major, wife of former Prime Minister [9]

Frank Muir, entertainment writer and performer (pp 54-5 Muir, Frank 'A Kentish Lad', Corgi Books, 1998)

Monty Noble, Australian cricket captain 1903-4 (email from Jim Shepherd)

Maggie Philbin, television presenter (email from Bryan McCahey)

Paul Revere, American revolutionary [10]

Donald Sinden, actor (email from Bryan McCahey)

Alan Titchmarsh, celebrity gardener [11]

Victoria Wood, playwright & comedian [12]

People taught to ring for a broadcast performance only

Evan Davis, economist, journalist and presenter for the BBC [13]