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A Bob is:

  1. a call made by the addition, removal or shifting of places, without altering the nature of the row.
  2. a compound call made by additions, removal or shifting of places to more than one row without altering the nature of subsequent rows [e.g. Scientific Triples].


A bob is defined in a composition (implicitly or explicitly). There are default types of bob for most classes of method as defined below:

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Diagram illustrating a bob to be added here.

Default Bobs

The default bob is:

  1. 4ths place for a seconds place method (pn14 in place of pn12)
  2. n-2 place for an nths place method where n is the stage, excepting group m methods, where a 4ths place bob is more commonly used to produce the repeating lead feature.
  3. 3rds place at the treble's handstroke lead in Grandsire.
  4. n-2 place at a six-end in Stedman.
To Do
More bobs for common methods to be added here.